Tuesday, April 03, 2018

CheapSkate Vacay Miami 2018!

We experimented this year and did something we have never done before . A long weekend get away on a massive budget .
Usually for us vacation is the opposite - we save money for it and spend it there . We have drinks when we want and food and treat ourselves . 

This year because we are going to Bali with Bear in June we didn't plan  for a family vacation or a weekend away as a family ( we usually do a  family vacation week every two years and a skiing or long weekend  away as a family every alternate year )

So we booked Miami south beach for the Easter long weekend And tries to make it as cheap as possible by :

  • driving to platsburg USA for the flight 
  • - taking a flight at 3am there and 2am back ( aka losing 2 nights of sleep )
  • Being on a plane with no reclining seats 
  • not having any luggage with us and only a  small knapsack on our back each 
  • - having a room of two queen beds for 4 people and bringing a camping mat and sleeping bag for the 5th . And concealing the fact that we are even 5 in a room 
  • - not having drinks during whole vacation except one Diet Coke on beach and one piña colada Virgin for beauty 
  • No snacks except bought from grocery store 
  • Cheap shared meals except one nicer supper 
  • No souvenirs 
  • Walking everywhere vs taxi 
  • Uber on way back to airport 
  • Breakfast in room bought at Walgreens 
  • - 4 beach chairs instead of 5 
  • Way way more I can't think of !

It's fun to do cheapskate ! When beauty got her piña colada and hubby got his Coke on the beach they looked as if they won the lottery !
Lucky for us there is a couch in the room that is big enough for one kid to sleep on alternating each for a turn so we don't even have to use the camping mat :) still have to hide one toothbrush from the cleaning ladies though 

One thing I can say above everything else is that when you have older teens abs young adults it really feels like a big treat to get to have them for four full days . It's an amazing luxury . And often people with same age kids ask me don't they get annoyed with the family time after a few hours - but not at all . We have always been a family I think because of the cottage where a lot of togetherness is enjoyed and very much expected . Lots of fights and irritations but among it all loads of fun and laughs and time together 

And the kids seems to be loving every minute of their time here . They all study and work so hard . Like really really hard and it's fun to watch each of them unwind in their own way. Chase works a lot on his computer for planning his events and schoolwork on the plane , on the beach .. everywhere . But he looks like he is having fun doing it . Amazing to see bear just relax ( this is a very rare occurance as either studies or works out or at boxing )
And beauty schedule is just so full of dance and competition and studying that just nice to see her be a teen  for a bit 

It's not all roses either people ! Bear and I had it out at midnight , they are messy , they scream at us when we eat Krispy cremes and they are highly irritating to me as put me in a small room with 4 other people ( three of them under 25 ) and this brings out the worst in me ( and the best of me ) in many ways . It's hard to do  for me and brings out the nagging in me a lot and the control freak but after a couple of days I calm down ( and then it's time to come home )

But man do I love his bunch and our times together 

We all love miami south beach . For us it is the perfect balance between big city and great beach . The kids love all the fast and fancy cars and the night life that when they are 21 they want to be part of . Every second person you see truly looks like a movie star . It’s very cool for a long weekend away

One of the Cool things we got to do while we were here was to see hubbys beautiful niece who lives in Naples . One of her daughters is his go 
D daughter and was so cute to watch them bond . Her hubby and other adorable daughter too all met us for a great pizza dinner on Lincoln for the evening and was so fun to get caught up with them all . Hubby ended the evening at Dilans candy store with the three girls ( Daniela , Sofia and our baby girl ! )

Today we had trouble deciding what to do with the day . I am not a great Person to plan it out as I would be happy everyday with nice weather to lie on the beach and read . Chase had his big interviews to prep for and so bear and beauty and hubby headed off on bikes on the boardwalk and intercostal . I got my irritating and annoying self out of their way and headed  to the beach alone with a good novel and chase joined me later on .

They had a super bike ride and stopped for some nachos on the pier . We all had a light lunch together and a swim in the ocean all five and then did our own stuff in the afternoon ( of course hubby and I slept half the afternoon on the beach which feels so good )

Man have we lucked out on weather this trip ( for once ! ) as hot sun everyday and evenings warm and lovely without even wearing a sweater . Feels so good .

Tonight we are heading for a loooong walk to the holocaust museum and then wanted to go to our one fancier dinner at a super meditarian place that my brother and I had found when we were here a couple of years ago . The museum which was a very sobering and humbling experience for us all as we looked at the sad sculpture and read the thousands of names of the people who died in the holocost . At one point it all just so sad as did a group hug in the middle of the place . I love my family and it's moments like this that bff savvy calls "thin moments "

ChAnge of plans and didn't go to the tapas place  and found a seafood steak resto on Lincoln road and had a great dinner . I love seeing the kids eat and love what they eat ( lobster and steak at decent prices was nice too ! ) Really good conversations about life and everything and was just really really nice

Stopped for Starbucks coffee for bear and hubby ( I find it very endearing that bear likes a coffee here and there and love that he and his dad share this passion ) and then some frozen yogurt for the rest of us .
Walgreens again for a few items and thankfully for our waistlines they were out of Krispy Kreme donuts

My fave part of this vacation is disconnecting . For a girl who loves her phone I am very disciplined . Usually I  or hide it away but this time family needs it as the only phone that has a USA plan and loads of data because of my work . So they all use it and I don’t ! Turned off all my notifications  and beeps and icons and just relaxing my brain

I have so much going on in my work and life all the time that I need to just think of nothing for a bit . I also find that since we found out about beauty surgery I have felt more distanced from my usual life which I am sure is not uncommon . Many days I feel disconnected from my life  and other people's lives too . It feels so good here to be just us five . It’s something my heart has missed a lot these days

We are trying to figure out a way to possibly own a condo in Miami one day . Fun to dream !
This cheapskate trip ( which is turning out to be not so cheapskate as we are cheating a lot on the food part !! )is really just good for us . Perfect timing and great togetherness . There are many things I love in life , but having all five of us together in a relaxed setting like this is really top of my list

Ended vacation getting home this morning at 4:30am . Skipped our early morning  classes and work and all got up around 10am so at least had a bit of sleep 

Best Bali bed ever . will be in my dreamhouse one day!

Not posed!!!

Back to the grind !  Loved our Easter weekend in Miami . Will celebrate next week a dinner at my moms for late Easter with some chocolate egg hunts  . I think in this family as they get older and older Easter weekend might just be the perfect time to escape the five of us . Excited to do another cheapskate vacation like this again one day ! 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Winter Pics

have been living by these words and bi part of new book I am almost finished
my precious mentors twin grandaughters come home from 7 months in NICU!!!

I love my girl:)

I love seeing cousins together

Didi love at the dance show

lately everyone commenting how much we look alike

Family time!

Boyfriend time

Friend time
New glasses

VP Events campaign!!!!

At Shriners at least with a smile

Guitar from Didi!

I love having a teen daughter!

My darling:)

My view as I awake)

We made a gym in basement! We share it as Beauty dance studio too

new haircut

AmaBella my niece turned 18! we sent her a pandora bracelet

Consolation candy after Shriner appt and bad news

Bday party for Hubbys buddy!

Valentines morning

last day of Accutane

Mama Bear feeling a little better!

Bear cooked a three course organic meal that was so delicious

Day we decided to work together on new business!

Hubbys Brefeuf girls

Hubby and BDay boy

I will launch a new business horray! and keep my other one too!

Love the weekends at cottage!!!

Business partners

Beauty and her ski group she taught all winter