Friday, April 21, 2017

Punta Cana 2017 in pics (fave moments in blog just below)The

The boys!

Bear and Tim:)

Adult Pool relaxing

The girl gang for Beauty!

Bernardo who took us to see Justin Bieber house!!!

Tomas our newly adopted vacation boy

coffee on the beach

Stevie and Chase!

Bear being very cool:)

The gang saying goodbye:(

The girls posing

The boys being loud on adult beach


ah the good old days eh?

gift for the housekeepers

me and my boys

the always together five

The boys being crazy in golfcart where we could hear them across resort!

Tim texting at the bar!

My Protector

Great holiday for us all

good times

me and my girl-how did she get so tall?

last pic before the plane

I felt so relaxed here

selfie at airport

Big lebanese conversation

dinner a la carte

me and timothe!

me imitating Beauty famous selfies

Sibling love

me tired after up all night with them all coming back at different times!

saying goodbye to the girl gang:(

Petoncle at 6:30pm!

Bye Punta Cana! Memories forever